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On March 22, 2001 Télé Lumière International Ltd. was registered in the State of Virginia, with a vision of spreading the FTL network to all the Lebanese abroad. Shortly afterwards, the FTL network began expanding to many American states and other countries as well such as France, Great Britain, Australia and Mexico. The Executive Council is now under the auspices of the Eparchy of Saint Maron of Brooklyn and consists of a number of active clergy and laity from throughout the United States.

Tele-Lumiere has always been working tirelessly and relentlessly to bring to viewers across the globe a message of hope, peace and love in the land where the Prince of Peace once walked and saved humanity.

Tele Lumiere has produced and continues to produce numerous programs aiming at creating global awareness of the plight of Christians today. Our goal is to invite a conversation which fosters religious tolerance, mutual respect, dignity and peaceful coexistence among our diverse civilizations. Please consider helping us reach a broken and darkened part of the world.

Tele Lumiere and Noursat in the United States has been operating for the past twenty years completely and entirely on a volunteer basis by a distinguished and dedicated group of clergy and laity who give of their time, resources and talents for the well-being of the organization. This group represents the various Eastern Catholic and Orthodox Churches in the U.S.A. Chorbishop Sharbel Maroun of Saint Maron Church in Minneapolis, MN has faithfully served as President of the Board of Directors for eight years. The organization is registered under the Eparchy of Saint Maron of Brooklyn and is under the guidance and stewardship of his Excellency Bishop Gregory J. Mansour.

Tele Lumiere has been called the station of Miracles as it operates day and night on very little funding, We truly believe the Lord is on our side and He will continue to lead our way. Please help continue this important mission to safeguard the faith.

You can know more about the Board Directory on Our Team page.

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