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We’re Connecting You To The Christian World from Lebanon & The Middle East

  • To Proclaim the Good News
  • To build a Bridge among the new Generations
  • To spread Human Values and Rights
  • To reflect Truth and Freedom
  • To promote  Awareness and Solidarity among Nations
  • To be a part of the large English Speaking Communities
  • To Encourage intercultural communication
  • To Raise consciousness about the East
  • To Preserve the cultural and religious heritage of each community


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Noursat English

It is one of many Christian Television Channels
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    Noursat Network
    Noursat Network

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      Nour Al Sharq

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        Nour Al Quddass

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          Nour Kids

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            Nour Al Shabab

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              Nour Mariam

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                Télé Lumière

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                Middle East, North Africa and Europe: Nilesat Eutelsat 8WB
                Orbital Location: 7.8° west
                Transponder : BEM7
                Frequency: 11,096 H
                S R: 27500 Fec: Auto
                Tel: +961 1255500

                For USA Call:
                Sling: 1-855-402-3981
                My Media: 1-888-458-1278

                For Canada Call:
                Mysatgo: 1888 -396- 5332

                For Australia Call:
                Mysat / Mysatgo: 1800-700-506
                Call Center: 1 300 976 481

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